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Summer 2018

This summer has been extraordinary, and we have made a gin to match! Using the potent angelica grown at Kaitake Farms in Oakura, along with local bergamot oranges, Summer 2018 […]


Spring 2017

A gin that captures the spirit of spring in the south Pacific: Vibrant, vigourous, exciting. Stormy one day, stunning the next. We are over the moon with our Spring 2017 […]


Extra Fine Juno Gin – L005

This was one of our first runs on Lila, our beautifully crafted new 350-litre copper still. Despite being a cold mid-winter day, we soon warmed up with Lila running at 78 […]


Cloudy Autumn

Juno’s Autumn 2017 Gin is carrying a little bit of cloud, reflecting the weather around us in Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud. With hand-selected cranberries, peppery Grains of […]


Cloudy Summer

Summer 2016/17. It wasn’t quite the summer we were expecting, with Taranaki living up to the promise of the Land of the Long White Cloud rather too well. To celebrate what […]

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