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A goddess amongst gins.

Known for charming the most ordinary occasion into something magical. A hand-selected, harmonious blend of pure New Zealand mountain water and the finest botanicals and spices.

"Well-balanced initial tastes of refreshing juniper with lingering citrus and peppery notes, all built on a generous base of local and exotic botanicals."



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Juno Extra Fine Gin is the heart of a collection of gins produced by BeGin Distilling Ltd.

BeGin Distilling Ltd is a husband and wife partnership – engineering meets the love of gin!

Why did we choose Juno as the goddess to reflect our gin?

Juno, wife of Jupiter and known as the goddess of marriage and domestic harmony. She is linked to the idea of vital force, fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness.

Juno is the perfect goddess to oversee the marriage of flavours that happens within the copper pot still during distillation. Ensuring that the carefully selected botanicals and the beautiful water of Mt Taranaki come to fruition as an extra fine gin of distinction.


Key to the perfect gin is the quality of the ingredients. From our extra neutral spirit, thrice distilled, to the robust juniper and golden coriander, only the best is selected. And for pure perfection, the water comes from Mt Taranaki.

Juno Extra Fine Gin has Juniper at its heart with coriander bringing warmth and a hint of lemon.

Other key botanicals include Orris Root, Kaffir Lime leaves, Green Cardamom, Angelica Root, Manuka and Cassia Bark.

For our seasonal variants, we use what is fresh and plentiful, the fruits and leaves that have flourished through the season.

We are working with New Zealand horticulturalists to sustainably grow and harvest all our botanical ingredients, establishing new crops for future growth.

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Latest Batches

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A gin that captures the spirit of spring in the south Pacific: Vibrant, vigourous, exciting.… Read more >
Extra Fine Juno Gin - L005
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Cloudy Autumn
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Cloudy Summer
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Here at BeGin Distilling we have a strong commitment to sustainability and have built this into our business processes.

During the Still design phase, we worked with our engineering team, Rivet, to create a copper Still that minimised waste production and where waste generation was unavoidable, included handling systems to allow recycling of by-products into other industries.  We have built-in a system to  harvest and store rainwater for the cooling condenser and incorporated design aspects to prevent (and recover) any heat loss during the distillation.

The botanicals we use are sourced locally and overseas, and we are working with local horticulturists to switch from importing to growing in New Zealand instead.

Our bottles labels are printed with organic inks, and are recyclable.

Auckland Zoo

Home to 138 different species and over 875 animals, Auckland Zoo has the largest collection of native and exotic animals in New Zealand.

Of special interest to us is Archey’s Frog, Leiopelma archeyi, which is critically endangered. Archey’s frogs are the smallest of New Zealand’s four endemic frogs at around 37mm. One of New Zealand’s native frogs, it has several distinctive features, which make them very different from frogs elsewhere in the world. They have no external eardrum. They have round (not slit) eyes.

They don’t croak regularly like most frogs. They don’t have a tadpole stage (instead the embryo develops inside an egg, and then hatches as an almost fully-formed frog). The young are cared for by their parents – the male Archey’s frog carries his young offspring around on his back.

They live in misty, moist areas above 400m in altitude. They have been found at the Coromandel and one site west of Te Kuiti.

Along with a breeding programme for Archey’s frogs, Auckland Zoo also assists the Department of Conservation (DOC) with annual surveys and census of Archey’s frogs in Whareorino Forest.

On the list of the top 100 EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered) amphibians, Archey’s frog is number one.

Juno Gin is the number one supporter of the Archey’s frog conservation programme at Auckland Zoo.

Celery Tartines


Good quality light rye bread such as Pain de Campagne

Butter, melted

Fancy lettuce, washed and inner leaves selected

Inner stalks of celery

Lemon juice

White anchovy fillets


Slice the bread about 3mm thick and then cut into bite-sized pieces.

Brush liberally with melted butter and toast in a moderate oven until just starting to brown and crisp.

Allow the toasts to cool to room temperature.

In the meantime, shave the celery using a mandolin or sharp knife and squeeze over just enough lemon juice to moisten.

Arrange some lettuce on a toast and then top with the celery and one or two anchovies.

Season very lightly with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Seared Venison


1 Venison salami, sliced 3mm

1 Fennel bulb, shaved or finely sliced

1 Orange, segmented

¼ bunch of chives or a handful of foraged onion weed, finely sliced

1 Lovage leaf or a few inner celery leaves finely shredded.

Extra virgin olive oil


Heat a heavy-based frying pan with a touch of olive oil.

In a bowl, gently toss together all the ingredients except for the salami and oil.

Season  lightly with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and arrange onto four plates.

Quickly sear the salami on one side only and serve around the salad, seared side up.

Chocolate Truffle


Giles Chocolatier Juno Gin Truffle

Cloudy Autumn 200ml (2017)


The perfect way to finish an evening. Truffles and Gin!

Our Cloudy Autumn Limited Edition is a perfect match to these handmade artisan truffles.

Serve on the rocks, and savour!

Rhubarb Martini


A shaker or stirring glass

A bar spoon (or teaspoon)

A strainer

Cocktail glass

60mls Juno Gin

5mls Rhubarb Syrup

Ice (for mixing)

A dash of Orange Blossom Water

To garnish: Rhubarb Ribbon


Step 1
Chill your cocktail glass (the easiest way is to fill it with ice)

Step 2
Add plenty of ice and the rhubarb syrup to your shaker/stirring glass and stir to make sure the ice is coated with rhubarb syrup, then use your strainer to pour away the excess

Step 3
Add the Juno Gin to the shaker/stirring glass and stir the mixture for about 30 seconds to chill and dilute

Step 4
Strain into the chilled cocktail glass and garnish with  a rhubarb ribbon and a dash of orange blossom water


We’d love to introduce you to Juno

This is where you’ll find us over the next few months:

The First Pour

2-4pm Sat 24 February
About: Join us as we celebrate the release of our Summer 2018 seasonal gin.
Includes a bottle of Summer 2018, tastings, canapes, distillery tour and the story behind our gin and our Summer 2018 in particular.
Location: Westown, New Plymouth
Tickets: $79 (discounts available for Juno Gin Club members)

Food First

12 March 2018
ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane


24 March
Ilam Homestead, University of Canterbury

The Food Show Christchurch 

6-8 April
Horncastle Arena

The Great NZ Food Show

5-6 May
Claudelands Events Centre

The Food Show Wellington

11-13 May
Westpac Stadium


For more event information: 
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On top of all the great bars and restaurants that serve Juno, here are the stores where you can purchase Juno:

Smith & Caughey, 253-261 Queen Street, Auckland
Prenzel of Whitford Shop, 7 Whitford Wharf Rd, Whitford

Hamilton Beer & Wine Company, 856 Victoria Street
Liquorland Dinsdale, 140 Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale
Liquorland Cambridge, 26 Victoria Street, Cambridge
Liquorland Taupo, 74 Tuwharetoa Street, Taupo

Bay of Plenty
Mount Wine Barrel, 423 Maunganui Rd, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga
Liquorland Whakatane, 13 Peace Street, Whakatane
Liquor King Greerton, 1235 Cameron Road, Tauranga

Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne
Liquorland Gisborne, 191 Customhouse Street, Gisborne

Liquorland Fitzroy, 594 Devon Street East, New Plymouth
Liquor King New Plymouth, Cnr Devon & Mt Edgcumbe Streets, New Plymouth

Liquorland Wanganui, 291-293 Victoria Ave, Wanganui
Liquorland Palmerston North, 105 Albert St, Palmerston North

Liquorland Levin, 6 Exeter Street, Levin
Liquorland Kapiti, 3/140 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu

Martinborough Wine Merchants, 6 Kitchener Street, Martinborough
Liquorland Porirua, 18 Parumoana Street, Porirua
Liquorland Wellington Central, 233 Victoria Street, Te Aro, Wellington
Cult Wine, 13 Murphy Street, Thorndon, Wellington

Craft Beer Depot, 70 Achilles Ave, Nelson

Henry’s Centre City, 95 Hanover St, Dunedin
Henry’s Cromwell, 9 Elspeth Street, Cromwell


Juno gets people talking. Here’s a little collection of Juno-in-the-media for your reading pleasure:

For all media enquires, please email us

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