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Fire & Ice Combo

2x 200ml

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A special seasonal combo featuring Juno’s Summer & Winter 2018 Gins: Summer’s pleasures combined with the fervour and passion ready to warm any winter.

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2018 Summer + 2018 Winter 

Two seasons in one day.

What’ll it be? Fire or ice? Maybe a taste of the two?


Juno’s Summer & Winter 2018 Gins

Summer’s pleasures combined with the fervour and passion that warms winter.

Winter 2018 is a smooth, fragrant gin with a heart of fire and a joyful reminder of summers past. Featuring New Zealand-grown strawberries and Arapaho, Cayenne and Red Scorpion chillies from Kaitake Farm, this is the gin that New Zealand winters are made for.

Summer 2018 is a rich, rounded gin infused during a season of generosity. Sun for the soul, rain for late season growth, afternoon sea breezes carrying scents of orange, pollen and flowering herbs. Featuring bergamot oranges and freshly harvested angelica from Kaitake Farms, found at the beachside village of Oakura—the perfect microclimate and holiday destination for indulging in summer’s surprises.

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